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Living Room Session

by Tom Savage

it's the principle of the thing feelings get hurt thought's seem to scatter it's the bitterness that heartache brings when the world grows cold nothing else seems to matter it's a long, hard road ahead and the further you go the less you seem to know i remember what my mama said a vague recollection in the frozen food section a behemoth of a big box store you can buy your tires and tofu in one stop and i wonder why , what for the world seems to be spinning out of control why did you leave me in this place where I don't speak the language can't order a sandwich nowhere to hide my face the mirrors are all two way not sure what to say and i feel like going home but that's 2 years, 3000 miles, and a suitcase away loitering in a parking lot security guard gonna lay it down hard some battles need to be fought but if i only had a dime for every single time that i came up on the losing end then i wouldn't be sitting here right now
i'm bad with faces worse with names social graces high school games my idea of light conversation is to discuss the inevitable end i could blame it on lack of sleep but i think it's cause i'm not a sheep or if i am my wool grew in sharp and spiky as porcupine quills i'll admit i'm wrong i won't run & hide i won't kindly step aside i'll muster up the courage to face another day call me unruly call me bold call me stubborn or just plain old but before i go there's something i've gotta say CHORUS I think i've done all right 30000 days, 30000 nights i've had my share of troubled times i've had my share of remorse but then again, that's just par for the course now my body's letting go of me but my spirit will keep me free i've got so many stories and i'll repeat them 'til you know i won't pretend i was a leader of men i had my moments now and then but i was never one to brag or put on an elaborate show CHORUS when i beckon, lord, won't you hear my call when i turn in like a tore down ol' shopping mall when i face the final curtain whatever mister anka said i want to be remembered for who i was not the time i was voted employee of the month i stood tall, i stood proud my children were loved and well fed CHORUS
Searching for A God I can call my own Sanctuary, A place to call home Someone who's not afraid To beat down the demons at my door Where life in real time Is something worth livin' for Searching for A God I can call my own Sanctuary, A place to call home The past is the past It's back there for a reason Time marches on Another change in the season Searching for A God I can call my own Sanctuary, A place to call home No fire, no brimstone No anger, no fear A comforting hand When my time is near Searching for A God I can call my own Sanctuary, A place to call home
CHORUS : bleed that pig til it's dry none left to go around poison the air in the sky steal the life from the ground if a dollar bill has a soul you're the king yet to be crowned watch the peasants weep at your feet while you try to say something profound Her heart once knew your name A century ago or so She knew the rules to the game At the very least, she thought so But the cold,cold winter came And melted away the snow You're power was too great For her to ever know CHORUS Will I have to tell my grandchildren What a Grizzly bear was Will I have to describe the wilderness Amongst the backdrop of urban fuzz Will I have to explain how we let them down Say that it was just because We had to have more than anybody ever had before We had to get that buzz CHORUS
Breathe in the night Breathe in your last cool breath You've been held back By the things you can't forget Remember him, holding you That cold December night A year ago or so You really can't say when But you know I know Exactly where you've been On a lonesome highway Subway train Oh, ain't it all the same Oh-oh-oh-oh It's the gentle kiss Of yesterday's man The harsh cruel touch The sharp skeletal hand A broken promise So long ago Oh you never really know If you've left it behind Or it's become a part of you These awkward divisions They fast become the truth On this lonesome highway This long, long road One day you'll find girl You're really not alone You're not alone
why does it all have to end why can't it go on forever and ever why do we make the decisions we do why do we rape pillage and plunder why does the heart have to break why do our hopes have to drift asunder why can't it all be explained why am i searching why do i wonder chorus i believe i recall a certain refrain it takes me back further than i could ever remember love is a burden, a blessing a curse a promise beginning an ending a verse in a poem we've recited so many times rehearsed where will we end up alberta's mountains, new mexico's desert taste the crisp fall air brace for the winter like a child who's grown old so quickly it seems yesterday gone tomorrow's almost past i'll try to hold on to every moment as long as i can  i believe i recall a certain refrain it takes me back further than i could ever remember love is a burden, a blessing a curse a promise beginning an ending a verse  in a poem we've recited so many times rehearsed a weight a buoy a raft an anchor an ocean between a stream to the river a feeling that burns that you've never been seen


As the title suggests, this EP was recorded in my living room. A lo-fi, bare bones collection of folk songs. Originally released on February 1st, 2011, I've taken the opportunity to remix and remaster the songs, opting to give them an even more lo-fi sound than I had ten years ago, purposely using modern technology to mimic a cassette 4-track recorder as best as I can.

Fans of Springsteen's "Nebraska" record should enjoy this collection of songs.


released February 4, 2021

All songs written, recorded, and performed by Tom Savage


all rights reserved



Tom Savage Kingston, Ontario

Tom Savage is what one might refer to as a triple-threat. One part truth-telling troubadour, one part death-defying guitar slinger, and one part Country Blues howler. Each facet of his formidable on-stage persona carefully crafted over a 20+ year devotion to the composition and performance of song. Tom is a true believer. A disciple of melody and harmony and tempo and timbre. ... more

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