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The County Line

by Tom Savage Trio

there's no money left to borrow in this town no hearts left to break so don't cry for the king with the paper crown like a worn out eight-track he's made his last play they say that california's nice this time of year i suppose it's the same the whole year round i'm still not sure what i'm searching for so i hope it lets me know once it's found CHORUS: that's why i'm leaving in a hurry or in a hearse and i'm not sure which is worse but i hate to leave things this way and i have half a mind to show you the kind of damage you've done to me this two-time loser seems to have lost his way in the shimmer and the shine of the city life so many good intentions turn into debts to pay or an angry husband with a very sharp knife CHORUS i would've taken that highway home if i'd only known where i came from i'd rather pass the buck than to share the blame i never know when to leave well enough alone and when the calvary comes i'll be gone but then i guess that you might have known CHORUS
take your time on the county line careful of the words that you leave behind no man alive can catch up to you even if you're standing still lose that number that she gave to you you know the harm that it can do no time left for emotion no void left to fill CHORUS as the blood runs through your veins it drains from another all the while you contemplate when they will discover it was you busted lip and a broken tooth couldn't let him make a fool of you he had taken advantage of the situation and you know that wouldn't do so you laid him out on the curb a moment of silence was observed all the while you heard her screaming she was shouting out his name CHORUS face on tv screens provinc-wide guess you can run but you can't hide this old motel room's getting smaller yeah, the walls are closing in all the way to hell on a suicide run a blaze of fire down the 401 the sound of metal hitting concrete yeah the air begins to chill CHORUS as the blood runs from your veins and the reaper comes a calling and as the light shines in your eyes you finally realize you were just a man CHORUS
i've seen your face i've seen your face before down at the laundromat standin' outside the liquor store so many faces so many places so many towns in between took so long to figure out where i belong and old rock n rollers never die they just keep rollin' on could've been the time could've been the year but the booze and the drugs didn't kill us and we're both still standin' here so many reasons to give up dreaming all the troubled times we have see no time for the hungry to worry about where they went wrong and old rock n rollers never die they just keep rollin' on a dirty word is seldom heard your head's hanging way up in the clouds no use worrying about what might have been time's your only enemy now say what you've gotta say i'll hear you on the radio a hundred years from now and i'll think to myself that they could knock you down but they could never knock you out so much heart and guts and blood and sweat you always had a trick up your sleeve now the world keeps turning to the rhythm of your one in a million song old rock n rollers never die they just keep rollin on
The One 04:50
you think you've got a hold on my heart babe you think that i don't have the strength to run those promises i made they don't mean a thing and i ain't gonna be the one i remember all the laughter and the good times i remember when we used to have so much fun but those days they have gone along the wayside and i ain't gonna be the one your mama always said you were a good girl so why don't you put down your daddy's gun 'cause there's nothing you can do to make me change my mind and i ain't gonna be the one oh oh whoa oh oh oh i ain't gonna be the one you can take the last breath from my lips babe you can take the midnight moon and the setting sun you can take everything that i ever had but i ain't gonna be the one your mama always said you were a good girl so why don't you put down your daddy's gun 'cause there's nothing you can do to make me change my mind and i ain't gonna be the one oh oh whoa oh oh oh i ain't gonna be the one
when you were mine we were so good together any storm we could weather turn water into wine when you were mine i let go of those bad dreams gave up on the get-rich-quick schemes i was feeling just fine when you were mine there were nothing but good vibes i could ignore the usual jibes things were falling in line when you were mine no more soul-searching my heart was lurching must've been some kind of sign CHORUS but sometimes things just aren't meant to be and we can try with all our might but everyday becomes an endless stream of broken promises and empty fights and when we finally reach the breaking point hit rock bottom , see the light we might find it's all right... to let go when you were mine i must confess that i was a mess far from your picture of togetherness sweet perfume and turpentine when you were mine the road was paved with shards of glass no way i could ever get passed things were far from divine CHORUS BREAK now that your gone i try to think of the good times no love lost on the petty crimes but i guess it's been so long now that your gone i've gotta pull up my boot straps let myself of this trap admit that i'd done wrong think about movin on CHORUS
love is a no-win situation your heart will take you places that you don't wanna go give up on instant gratification take it down a notch, baby, take it slow romance is an imaginary notion designed to sell us all on the dream of the black and white, stormy night, hollywood myth no grey area on that screen sometimes you gotta drag your feet through the mud sometimes you gotta admit that you're not always right sometimes you gotta have your voice heard but never let your worry last on through the night because love is a no-win situation your heart will take you places that you don't wanna go give up on instant gratification take it down a notch, baby, take it slow remember the night that we first met we were both so drunk it's easy to forget but the stars they were shinin' in your eye i bet you knew you were in for a surprise you may wanna leave, you may wanna run the grass is always greener in the next town well you're fallin' fast, you're fallin' hard now you gotta keep from fallin' down in love is a no-win situation your heart will take you places that you don't wanna go give up on instant gratification take it down a notch, baby, take it slow
i got a headache the size of tacoma i got a face with no place to hide i got a woman who thinks that she knows me in for a long lonesome ride i got a feeling i should be someplace else i know when something is just not meant to be only wish that i had the courage to let the sadness of the truth set her free and that tired old cliche rings a little louder in my head what goes around, comes around , or so it's been said and of all the broken hearts i ever had this is the first time that the last time ever felt so sad got a train to catch in the morning gonna ride it straight to hell on the run from this lonesome feeling oh the stories i could tell chorus
48 Hours 04:57
i've got a tank full of gas and a heart full of hope i've got a weekend pass from pretending that i'm able to cope i'm going to see what it's like to live carefree i'm going to do unto others what they never seem to do for me i'm a little too fond of them neon signs the night life seems to know my middle name every now and then i fall back in and i convince myself that i'm really not the same as those sorrowful souls on desolation row i've got too much going for me but i'm a selfish fool with a heart of stone holding up a white flag and waiting for some relief sweet salvation at the bottom of this glass only trepidation is that this moment has to pass sunlight streams into the stale barroom i'm all out of time, i'm all out of cash be out on the street before too long try to get my bearings , try to find my car no one told me it could go so wrong wish i'd won the lottery or been a rock star the night could have gone a whole lot worse wound up in an alley instead of the drunk tank no crimes committed and no harm done i'm the only victim and i've got myself to thank when the road gets rough you'll be right behind me ready to pick me up ready to redefine me when times get hard at your wit's end wait 48 hours then put me back together again
Arizona 07:31
arizona don't you ever let me down i've been hearing through the grapevine you're the driest place around oh, tell me arizona where do we go from here when all the temples have fallen all that's left is the taste of fear walking that line taking up the time and i don't know what to do with myself porcelain gods, shag carpet, polyester rock garden outside irrigate the lawn, the past is gone it's so damn hot does it ever cool down here in arizona did we ever have enough was there any consolation when the game got too rough arizona i can feel the sting scorpion venom, fragility to which life clings holding down a job for 25 years just to end up here staring at my shoes the martini glass empties and fills my blues with an assortment of pills one lets you wake and one lets you sleep and its so damn cold does it ever warm up here in arizona taking up space this old model needs to be replaced i'll soon be gone with all of my old friends on pathways of light i can feel the sting there's a sweetness in this victory sadness in this defeat holding down a job 25 years, shag carpet, polyester staring at my shoes one lets you wake one lets you sleep scorpion venom the martini glass empties and fills my blues it's so damn hot does it ever cool down here


“The biggest surprise of the night, however, might be the Kingston, Ont. Tom Savage Trio, which draws easy comparisons to nu-school alt-country — see: Hold Steady’s more tender ends or Son Volt — and old-school cow-punk like The Cramps. ”
Mark Teo - FFWD

“They were excellent, they played the blues and upbeat, tight alt-country. Like Canada’s own version of the Drive By Truckers.”
Richard Amery - LA Beat

“If you like your Americana amped up, i.e. The Bottle Rockets or Drive-By-Truckers then you are sure to like this disc, yet another stellar release from our neighbors to the North!”
Don Zelazny - Americana Roots

“The Tom Savage Trio has their own way of mixing original, raw, and powerful country rock sounds with a live classic rock jam band attitude.”

“Ontario country-rocker Tom Savage's newest release, The County Line, is a continuation of the defiant, individualistic road-weary music that he made with his last effort, Never Shed No Tears. ”
Scott Chomistek - Beatroute

“ ...a bit of old-school country, a touch of punk, a smattering of Reverend Horton Heat rockabilly, a jazz jam and lot of rock ’n’ roll in the style of the Drive By Truckers, Wilco and Son Volt. ”
Lethbridge Sun Times

“ I'm blown away by The County Line - full marks, highly recommended ”
Chris White - Party In Kingston.com


released December 14, 2021

Tom Savage - Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin
Geoff Chown - Bass
Sandy Mackenzie - Drums, Backing Vocals
Vanessa Longul - Backing Vocals

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Geoff Chown
Produced by Tom Savage and Geoff Chown

All songs written by Tom Savage

Originally released on May 20th, 2008


all rights reserved



Tom Savage Kingston, Ontario

Tom Savage is what one might refer to as a triple-threat. One part truth-telling troubadour, one part death-defying guitar slinger, and one part Country Blues howler. Each facet of his formidable on-stage persona carefully crafted over a 20+ year devotion to the composition and performance of song. Tom is a true believer. A disciple of melody and harmony and tempo and timbre. ... more

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