Everything Intertwined

by Tom Savage

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releases October 3, 2017

All words and music by Tom Savage
All songs registered with SOCAN


Tom Savage - Guitars, Vocals, Synth, Shaker
Tony Silvestri - Rhodes, Organ, Piano, Synth, Backing Vocal on " Forever"
Seamus Cowan - Bass, Backing Vocals
Bonz Bowering - Drums
Zane Whitfield - Backing Vocal on "Forever"

Recorded at North of Princess Studios, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Engineered and Mixed by Zane Whitfield
Assistant engineer - Dylan Lodge
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova

Cover art by Chelle Boo Shaa

Produced by Tom Savage

Copyright 2017 Rabid Ear Music
All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Tom Savage Kingston, Ontario

Tom Savage is what one might refer to as a triple-threat. One part truth-telling troubadour, one part death-defying guitar slinger, and one part Country Blues howler. Each facet of his formidable on-stage persona carefully crafted over a 20+ year devotion to the composition and performance of song. Tom is a true believer. A disciple of melody and harmony and tempo and timbre. ... more


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Track Name: Forever
the young get old
sure you've been told
it can be hard to imagine until you see it unfold

your hair gets grey
your senses fade away
it can be hard to imagine we're not allowed to stay

your blood runs thick
the needle sticks
it's so beautiful out today it almost makes me sick

the water's cool
i play the fool
i dive down so deep searching for some kind of renewal
forever forever
i want to live forever
forever, i don't want to go

forever forever
thought we'd always be together
forever, i thought you would know

i'm in no rush
no need to hush
i'm here to treat you right
i didn't mean to make you blush

let's keep it real
i feel what you feel
seems the world is collapsing
i think it's time we seal this deal


look me in the eye
no need to cry
i'll be here to pick you up
so don't you be afraid to try

we'll bring it home
no matter how far we roam
there's more than meets the eye
there's more than just this skin and bone

Track Name: Kid

what are you doing kid
what are you doing
what are you doing kid
what are you doing
once you let go
there's nothing left for proving
what are you doing kid

when the bough breaks
when the cradle falls
when you don't see any meaning in anything at all
with your shit job
fair weather friends
sliding down that slippery slope you're weaving round the bends
keep your head on straight
good things come to those who wait


what you thought was the truth
turns out it never was
sometimes people just talk and sometimes it's just because
they need to fill up that space
they need to suck up the air
they need to feel like they matter and they want to make somebody care
so hold your head up high
all you gotta do is try


Verse 1 & 2

Track Name: Burnt By The Sun
I know a little bit about letting go
i know we aren't going to make it on our own
i want to give into you baby
i want give in right now

this distance is an ocean that keeps us apart
here with the heavy blinkers and their broken hearts
life is such hard work but it's nice work if you can get it


for all you know
we were meant to be right here
staring down the future like we were staring down the barrel of a gun

with every passing moment
it's becoming abundantly clear
we can jump into the water or let ourselves get burnt by the sun

i don't know very much about letting you in
there is no competition no one's gonna win
but i wanna win you baby
i wanna win you anyhow

this closeness is the only thing that i want to feel
you know all my secrets there's nothing to reveal
you can hurt me if you want to
if you're gonna do it please do your worst


I ain't no false prophet or evangelist
but when lay it down for you you can get the gist
if we're all here for a reason
you're a good enough reason for me

i could see us making babies and putting in time
picnics in the park with a bottle of wine
time unfolds before you
before you know it the moment's gone
Track Name: Everything Intertwined
nothing really ever blows my mind anymore
i've been crippled by decisions
and the slamming of doors
I've been beaten to a pulp
come crawlin back for more
nothing really ever blows my mind anymore

nothing really seems to get you out of my head
i've been drinking a week straight
and laying here in bed
i'm beginning to believe that i've been somehow misled
nothing really seems to get you out of my head

i don't know what i would do
if you said you'd be mine
it seems that i can only bide my time

you and I were made of stars
stars were meant to shine
the thought of that sends shivers down my spine

everyone and everything is intertwined

No one that we lose ever really goes away
they only change their form and linger on within the grey
Preserved in memory as we face another day
No one that we lose ever really goes away


verse 1
Track Name: Sad when You're Not With Me
Why do I drink until it's dawn
Why is every decision wrong

Why do I walk around these streets
Like I'm trying to solve a puzzle I can't complete

Why do I blame the world for my woes
Then shrug and say that's how it goes

Why can't I realize
It's time to shed this thin disguise

Why do I bitch, why do I moan
Put my body out on loan

Why do I dig myself a hole
Why do I sacrifice my soul

Why do I pretend that it's okay
To say all the things I shouldn't say

Why did I get myself kicked out
For my display of anger and self doubt

Why can't I cry a single tear
When my sorrow is so near

Make the most of what I have left
And not focus on your theft

Of my spirit and my youth
And my own personal truth

Everything I thought we were
In fact I'd say I was quite sure

The answer is easy to see
It's because I'm sad when you're not with me x2
Track Name: Come Home
living like a hobo
scraping around these streets
a list a mile long
of spectacular defeats
spectacular defeats
heart is on my sleeve
gets stabbed 6 times a day
don't know what i did
to have you treating me this way
have you treating me this way

gotta know a reason
won't somebody explain
why my baby left me and if she's coming back again

Come home
Come home

empty town with empty faces
out of place and nondescript
beer for a chaser
only future i can predict
only future i can predict
rented room on 10th street
shared bathroom down the hall
24 hour news channel
to help me forget it all
to help me forget it all

gotta know a reason
it's something i have to find
gotta whole lotta heavy
weighing down my worried mind

Come Home
Come Home

don't know what came between us
was it the pills or maybe the wine
my lack of ambition
unwilling to tow the line
unwilling to tow the line
i'll stay stubborn
here in my 9 x 8 cell
listed as a co-creator
of this custom made version of hell
this custom made version of hell

gotta know a reason
wish i didn't have to give a damn
i'm out here on the ledge
and i'm reaching out for your hand

Come home
Come home
Track Name: Mean To Me
What does this mean to me
Well it doesn't mean much
This much I can see
I still long for your touch
But I want to be free
I wanna be free

What do I mean to you
It would solve a lot of problems if only knew
I need you like I need the air
But you know that I do
You know that I do

Up and down
Around and round
Again we surrender
To the sound

Of our own voices
In our own heads
We make our choices
The divide it spreads

The weight will lift
The ground will shift
Torn asunder
We've been set adrift

We find our way
We always do
You're well aware
I'll come crawling back to you

hold on tight
never let go
you're the only truth i want to know

beneath behind
and in between
you're the only one who will understand what that means
Track Name: 17 Years
17 years
17 years
mired in the muck
taste the salt in my tears
gonna make a change because the end it nears
17 years
17 years

i'm begging your pardon
i'm begging right now
did everything i could to keep from breaking that vow
temptation was the ox and freedom was the plough
i'm begging your pardon
i'm begging right now

i got me the thirst of a dying man
hungry like a wolf and i feed on what i can
call out to the spirits and rub your talisman
i got me the thirst of a dying man

there's a hooded cloaked stranger waiting at the gates
try as we might we can't decide our fates
we fight but in the end everyone capitulates
to the hooded cloaked stranger who is waiting at the gates
Track Name: Cold But Free
You can read my epitaph
In the pie charts and in the bar graphs
In the tea leaves and in the sand
In the palm of my cold dead hand

You can wonder who I was
As I wondered about you once

Leave behind
Your troubled mind

Out of everything there is
The house the car the dog the kids
These hazy days we're passing through
You know I'd give my life for you

Or at least I'd give it my best shot
You never know until you're in that spot

How Courage flows
Only the body knows

I'd say it is getting up every day
Facing everything that stands in your way
Throwing yourself into that open space
As time picks it up and begins to race

Headed for the unknown
That's the only thing I know

Maybe heaven waits for me
Or a dark that is cold but free