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Live @ The Acoustic Grill

by Tom Savage

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Curtis when I listen to "Northern Ontario Highway", it takes me way back. those winding highways, beautiful views, long stretches with nothing but your thoughts. Tom's lyrics paint a vivid picture for me. and when I heard this song for the first time I could almost smell lake Superior as I tapped my foot along to the tune. Favorite track: Northern Ontario Highway.
Intro (free) 00:27
Cammie Rose 03:06
Cammie Rose Only your heart knows What I've been going through I'm a leavin' it up to you Cammie Rose Don't leave me here today Or tonight I'll waste away Thinkin' bout what might have been Cammie Rose Oh, when the light It shines on your eyes Don't want to be anywhere But right by your side And when you smile It brightens my day Please don't take that all away Cammie Rose CHORUS Well, they say It's always darkest 'fore the dawn But I believe we can carry on I believe in the love we had But if you go That'll spell the end for me Drive this truck into the sea Straight on through to the other side Cammie Rose CHORUS
She took everything but the kitchen sink Half a mickey of vodka she forgot to drink And an old box of photographs She left by the stairs And I don't know what I'm supposed to do Now that she don't love me, neither do you And it's one helluva mess we got goin' on here I'm on my own For the first time in so long And it's taken its toll I do find She's haunted my dreams And ever since she's gone It's bringing back the doubt in my mind Well, the car won't start The phone won't ring Dogs don't bark Birds don't sing Ever since that morning she left town And the neighbours, They won't talk to me They act like I have a contagious disease And the paperboy always gives me his nastiest frown CHORUS I'm lonelier than a leper You know we used to go together like salt and pepper As long as I could keep the foot out of my mouth I'm gonna drown the sorrows from this bleeding heart I'm make myself a brand new start And when I see the bottom of this bottle I'm headed South CHORUS
There's an old crop duster  Parked by a roadside diner Scenery straight out of Some tourism flyer Runny eggs and greasy bacon Hash browns remind you of gravel And the coffee's only half as strong As it needs to be Wawa 500 k away Too bad we're headed for Thunder Bay Stop for lunch in The Sault Fill our bellies and we'll be on our way Head on up through the hills Nothing on the radio Sit tight boys Only six more hours to go CHORUS And this morning feels like a hundred thousand heartaches And tomorrow it's gonna feel just about the same It's gonna break my will This northern Ontario highway Sleeping giant welcomes us Terry Fox memorial Load our gear out of the tour bus It's a Saturday night at The Apollo When the morning comes we're off again Through the land of rocks and trees Man this kind of driving Can bring you to your knees CHORUS Thursday night in Wabigoon Last night it was Winnipeg Sudbury we'll see you soon We'll be worn out, Ready to rock, on our last legs The Townehouse on a Sunday night The band room feels like the Four Points Sheraton Sit tight Honey, I'm coming home soon again CHORUS
if this blood i'm spilling isn't good enough for you i'd be moving on to i'd be moving on to if these words i'm singing don't mean anything to you i'd be moving on to x2 if you're heart is black and your spirit's broke then it ain't no joke x2 if the highlight of your day is your late night toke then it ain't no joke x2 when you're beat up and broken down bloodied and bruised Feel like you've been used ? when you're wore out and weary and wondering why you let me pass you by I won't be the one to cry if those tears that are falling don't make me take pity on your soul then it's time for you to go x 2 if this look in my eye doesn't let you know then it's time for you to go x 2 CHORUS if those moments we were sharing were anything but true i'd be moving on too x2 if you're a little too high brow to hang with regular folk then it ain't no joke x2 if you never have heard the saying that you reap just what you sow then it's time for you to go x2
Song Intro (free) 00:22
chorus hey there baby don't you cry you'll wake up tomorrow the sun's gonna rise and i'll be waiting right here underneath for you underneath the solemn ground It was mid- september when my luck ran out I went down with a whimper instead of a shout I dug myself a hole too deep to get out of and I tried so hard to memorize the feeling that i felt when I got those highs when the room spun so fast I didn't care who i hurt on a road paved out of good intentions turned out to be a lost cause in need of intervention and i could hear the stopwatch clicking in my head it washed over me liked the cable tv a man bound in chains who thought he was free high roller reject watching the red carpet burn ----------------------------------------------- the man's teeth shone like the pearly gates but the look in his eye would tell me of my fate my vision was obstructed by all the green dollar signs i told him of my tale of woe he must've known i had nowhere to go but deeper into that hole i'd been working on he propped me up and on I played my sentence had simply been delayed too consumed to simply wipe the slate clean It's a pathetic story , a victimless crime you might argue with that last line i know that you had such high hopes for me ------------------------------------------------- bridge hey there baby don't be sad they were gonna take away everything you had but then they decided to take everything from me And I hope that you'll understand someday i had too many debts that i had to pay some in cash and some in just borrowed time -------------------------------------------------- Dirt road in the pale moonlight told me that i 'd picked the wrong fight but i tell you one thing , life never seem more clear told me that they knew me , that i had a wife told me that she'd pay with her life And I knew right then I had to make my move Life measured in moments, not weeks or years I saw all of the joy and all of the tears I saw your face as I struggled for the gun I heard the the shot , but i felt no pain I only had myself to blame for diggin this hole too deep to get of
Song Intro (free) 00:39
I've been sad, sorrowful, unhappy, desolate mournful, lugubrious,gloomy, despondent dejected,depressed, downhearted, downcast disconsolate, i've been glum, miserable, wretched dismal, morose, woeful, woebegone doleful, joyless,heavy-hearted, down in the dumps i've been so blue guess I'm still hung up on you but you were faithless, adulterous, fickle, untrue inconstant, unchaste,cheating, philandering, two -timing fool i've been envious, covetous, desirous,distrustful grudging, green with envy,suspicious,resentful i've been doubting, insecure, i've been anxious ,i've been jealous too guess i'm still hung up on you although what you did was evil,wicked,immoral,wrong, and sinful foul, vile, corrupt, depraved, devilish, demonic, and hurtful it was also cruel and destructive, harmful, hurtful, detrimental it was bad but i have to say your still the best i ever had x2
Take your time on the county line Careful of the words that you leave behind No man alive can catch up to you Even if you're standing still Lose that number that she gave to you You know the harm that it can do No time left for emotion No void left to fill CHORUS As the blood runs through your veins It drains from another All the while you contemplate When they will discover It was you Busted lip and a broken tooth Couldn't let him make a fool of you He had taken advantage of the situation And you know that wouldn't do So you laid him out upon the curb A moment of silence was observed All the while you heard her screaming Shouting out his name CHORUS Your face on TV screens province-wide Guess you can run but you can't hide This old motel room's getting smaller Yeah, The walls are closing in All the way to hell on a suicide run A blaze of fire down the 401 The sound of metal hitting concrete The air begins to chill CHORUS 2 As the blood runs from your veins And the reaper comes a callin' As that light shines in your eyes You finally realize You were just a man
The One 05:45
You think you've got a hold on my heart babe You think that I don't have the strength to run Well, those promises I made, they don't mean a thing And I ain't gonna be the one Well, I remember the laughter and the good times I remember when we used to have so much fun But those days, they have gone along the wayside And I ain't gonna be the one Oh-o-whoa-wo-oh-woh-oh I ain't gonna be the one Well, you're Mama always said you were a good girl So why don't you put down your Daddy's gun Cause there's nothing you can do to make me change my mind And I ain't gonna be the one You can take the last breath from my lips babe You can take the midnight moon and the setting sun You can take everything that I ever had But I ain't gonna be the one Oh-o-whoa-wo-oh-woh-oh I ain't gonna be the one
CHORUS Love is a no-win situation Your heart will take you places you don't want to go Give up on instant gratification Take it down a notch baby, take it slow Romance is an imaginary notion Designed to sell us all on the dream of the black and white, stormy night, hollywood myth No grey area on that screen Sometimes you gotta drag your feet through the mud Sometimes you gotta admit that you're not right Sometimes you gotta have your voice heard But never let your worry last on through the night CHORUS Bridge: Remember the night that we first met We were both so drunk it's easy to forget But the stars were shining in your eyes I bet you knew you were in for a surprise You may want to leave You may want to run The grass is always greener in the next town You're falling hard, You're falling fast And now you gotta keep from falling down in... CHORUS x2
Song Intro (free) 00:18
Hey there's Jim Diligently working on his scratch-and-win His wife Mary has her hair up in curlers Puffin' on a cigarette A hundred millimetre Virginia Slim Smoke rings drifting through the air You can smell the stench of the paper mill Rollin' on in from over the hill The locals they say you get used to it after a while But I'm about as filthy as I can be And my clothes are beginning to stick to me And all I can think of is a shower and a shave CHORUS You can get anything At the liquor store, restaurant, motor inn 59.95 plus tax will suffice But the TV only gets three channels, Oh my lord I could see from the moment I walked in The evidence of who had been Staying there the past three weeks or so It's a funny thing about cheap motel And the creatures within that dwell You just know that mattress is gonna kill your back for tomorrow CHORUS A three dollar breakfast who could ask for more A six pack from the liquor store We pack our things and we head on down the road Don't get me wrong I love to roam But places like that make me long for home I just want to sleep in my own bed for awhile CHORUS x 2
Song Intro (free) 00:25
good to see you how you been alright i'm okay got one hand on the bottle got one foot in the grave when the party is over when the keg's have all run dry I'll be the one in the corner with the twinkle in his eye every word every word every word that you say makes me want to run away every night i lay awake listening to my heart break i think to myself , oh lord, what's it gonna take no news is good news as far as i'm concerned i know the weather's dreadful at least the tide hasn't turned sit down, take a load off have a drink on me it can be a heavy burden waiting on eternity let's get drunk sit here and hypothesize about the expanse of the universe everything that mystifies i've got scotch and tequila peach schnapps and creme de menthe let's make sure the cupboards bare let's make sure that we're quite bent
you'll come around to me you'll come around to me one day you're gonna see and you'll come around to me my lovin's gonna set you free x2 if you believe destiny you'll come around to me the heart can't divide the line x2 straight as an arrow or left behind the heart can't divide the line i know you got a worried head x2 put those past deeds to bed i know you got a worried head i'm a messenger without a message i'm a song without a rhyme i am optimism's last vestige i am the future running out of time i am the grim reaper kissing babies i am the goldfish holding his breath in a world full of yes, no, and maybe's i'm the crack whore on crystal meth i am weaving in and out of traffic i'm a bottle full of sleeping pills i'm a one last scuba diving lesson i'm a giving myself the chills i'm a wasted most hours of most days i'm a walking into walls and missing doors i think i'm working up to something i'm a gonna settle me some old scores you'll come around to me you'll come around to me one day you're gonna see and you'll come around to me my lovin's gonna set you free x2 if you believe destiny you'll come around to me


One night. One concert. Live at the Acoustic Grill in Picton, ON.


released September 1, 2009

Tom Savage - Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Davidson - Violin, Backing Vocals
Geoff Chown - Bass

All music and lyrics by Tom Savage


all rights reserved



Tom Savage Kingston, Ontario

Tom Savage is what one might refer to as a triple-threat. One part truth-telling troubadour, one part death-defying guitar slinger, and one part Country Blues howler. Each facet of his formidable on-stage persona carefully crafted over a 20+ year devotion to the composition and performance of song. Tom is a true believer. A disciple of melody and harmony and tempo and timbre. ... more

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